Creative Designer
& Art Director


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Hello! I’m Rafael Oliveira, a Brazillian Creative Designer & Art Director.
I love shapes, colors and how they interact. I believe that design should be not only beautiful but also, it must be meaningful and useful at its core.
To achieve those results it takes passion, creativity, personality and a constant focus to keep up with the constant changes in our world.

Great design can transform experiences and make a great impact in our life.

Why Design Brands

Branding represents the experience a person’s associates and feels about a business or product.
A great brand has as objective to establish a relationship of trust and loyalty with its target audience, by being consistent in different environments and transmitting values that are easily tied to your company.

The keyword is trust, societies are built by people, based on empathy principles, where good and bad experiences are shared between each other and positive experiences are pointed as the desired goal. The way your company creates those experiences is what makes the difference with your consumer.

To create a great brand we need to focus in 2 words: Identity and Strategy.
A solid identity helps develop trust and makes the bridge between the brand and the user itself.
Strategy helps achieve your short and long-term business goals.

When creating a brand, I use a process where we work together to analyze and discover, crucial points for your brand development, following important steps such as Discovery, Market Analysis, Articulation & Clarifying, Positioning, Identity, Integration, and Culture.

This process builds a foundation for expanding and consolidating your brand in your market.

Why Design Landing Pages

Landing Pages are the heart and soul of modern marketing strategies, they make possible to acquire leads and boost sales, and also help to share your voice and strengthen the relationship with your audience.

Ideally, a Landing Page should be direct, informative and easy to digest, provide real value and communicate trust to the target user.
By following good principles, we can create pages that align with your business goals and that generates a real and positive impact on the experience of your future clients.