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Creative Lead Designer
& Art Director


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Hello! I’m Rafael Oliveira, a Brazilian graphic designer, I love shapes, colors and how they interact with people. I believe that a great design should be not only beautiful but also, it must be meaningful and useful at its core. To achieve these results, it takes passion, creativity, personality and a constant focus to keep up with the constant changes in our world.

I had always been interested in drawings and music since the beginning, using my free time to play with any kind of subject that led me to some sort of creativity. But the real deal was at my 13th years when I started to taking things to another level: I began my graphic design studies. At the time working with simple interfaces and then exploring other areas such as editorial design, typography, and web design.

I started to build my reputation working as an author on graphic marketplaces like Envato, receiving great reviews and cheerful e-mails from clients and fellow authors. From there I took a chance and began my freelance business, where I started to get my first clients, coming from different places and cultures. Always looking to get better and try new things, I managed to build great relationships with people, small and great companies in the five continents.

In 2012, I founded Lance Media, a small company that provides web solutions for local business in my country, and now I work as an Art Director at Agência Doting from Brazil. I also work as a consultant for other entities and I’m always involved with several creative projects around the world (Some are secret ones!).

I have experience and knowledge in diverse areas, and I’m always hungry for more. I say and truly believe that design can help improve our societies, transforming experiences and making us happier.


Print Design

Print is present in a lot of aspects of our day to day lives, bringing useful information in a personal and efficient way. Simplicity and carefully crafted layouts are the key points that I try to explore when working with print design, combining clarity and objectivity in all aspects of the design.


Way beyond a nice name and pretty colors, a brand need to have focus, vision and consistency to evoke a strong presence. A great brand can make a difference between obscurity and success. I work with a streamlined process that translates in a solid and memorable brand.


Always in constant evolution, the web is one of the most efficient ways to bring information to the end user, uniting different devices and environments. Whether creating Websites, Interfaces or dealing with Social Media, I work to bridge usability and conversion, with modern design and aesthetics.